Notable Articles and Posts

End of an Era—The Passing of Senator Ed Mayne – by Senate Minority Leader, Mike Dmitrich

“Ed was a champion,” Senator Gene Davis, Senate Minority Whip, remarked. “When Ed spoke, he spoke for and to the working men and women of Utah. He stood up for families be it a working wage, health care, education, or seniors. Senator Mayne championed the common person.” (full blog post)

Sen. Ed Mayne – by Steve Urquhart

Anyone who maintains that Democrats can’t be successful in the Legislature (because of the supermajority), only needed to follow Ed for a day, to see that Democrats can be very successful. (full blog post)

Ed’s Senate Intern – Curtis Haring

As an intern for Senator Mayne during this past legislative session, I found myself continually awed by how great of a man Ed Mayne was. After discussing a bill that was doomed to fail he said to me a quote I will never forget: “I know it won’t pass; but damn it, it is the right thing to do.” (full blog post)

You Will Be Eternally Missed – by JM Bell

I don’t think I’ve had my breath taken away from news as quick as this did it. Senator Eddie has been an inspiration to me and I cannot fathom the size of the hole Eddie’s passing will cause in the lives of those who knew him.

Senator Mayne once teared up when we talked about dogs we’ve had that have died, and, from that moment on, my feelings for him changed from appreciation to adoration. Senator Ed was a kind, irreverent and compassionate man who spent his life doing hard work. (full blog post)

KVNU’s For The People

he was a friend to all regardless of party or political philosophy and a salt of the earth kind of guy who identified with regular working Utahns. (full blog post)

Good Bye Old Friend – Obi wan liberali

Sen. Ed Mayne will be missed by many. Eddie was unashamed to stand up for working men and women. He valued those whose hands got dirty and greasy and brought home paycheck and raised a family. If first met Eddie Mayne back in 1984 when he was the head of the AFL-CIO and I was involved in as a political volunteer on several levels. Eddie was a guy who could motivate others to put forward alot of effort on behalf of issues important to them such as worker’s rights, benefits, health care and affordable housing. When he entered the Senate in the 1990’s, Utah gained a much needed legislative advocate for working people and the issues important to them. (full blog post)

Thank you all so much for your kind words. Ed loved you all.