Mayne mourned on both sides of the aisle

Deseret News: Mayne mourned on both sides of the aisle By Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb

Excerpt Pignanelli: The media reports detailing Ed Mayne’s life focused on his legislative and labor movement achievements, which were impressive. But Ed was more than just an officeholder or advocate. He played numerous roles: conscience to Utah politicians and employers; papa bear to the Democratic Party while overseeing its resurrection in the mid-1980s; mentoring numerous young politicos (including Randy Horiuchi, Blaze Wharton, Kelly Atkinson, Janet Rose, Grant Protzman, Kurt Oscarson, Gene Davis, Dave Spatafore, Wayne Holland, D’Arcy Dixon and me); and playing peacemaker during our incessant fractional squabbles. He and his incredible wife, Karen, set the standard of coequal political partners who loved and respected each other-long before Bill and Hillary were known. No one was prouder of his children. But we gravitated to Ed for deeper causes.

Excerpt Webb: Ed Mayne clearly exemplified those two traits. I was obviously not in his circle of friends, but I interacted with him on many occasions and always found him to be warm, gracious, genuine and willing to listen.

Over the years I have dealt with many people of wealth and power. Some of them were unhappy and miserable.

A great lesson of Mayne’s full, rich and happy life is something we all know, but too often forget in our busy, try-to-get-ahead world. It is that in the end what really matters, what is most important, is relationships. Family. Friends. Love. Caring. Service. The simple secrets to a happy and fulfilling life.

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