Ed Mayne watched over us

Riding with his sister Shauna

Many of you know my brother, Ed Mayne, as a great statesman, senator and AFL-CIO leader. These wonderful qualities began many years ago.

I have always loved Ed’s big, warm hands and his kind and gentle eyes. Ed was the oldest of four children and then he had three little sisters. He would do anything to protect and watch over us all, and through the years that remained the same. He taught us so much as a family: how to stay unified, to help others, to be kind.

I was humbled that even through his fight with cancer and during his chemo treatments his conversations were never about himself. His determination to make sure that others were being taken care of, from senior citizens to children and animals, never ended. He loved his family and the people of this great state. He was a man of honor who found more joy in giving to others than anything he could ever give to himself. We have all been truly blessed to call him family, brother and friend.

I know in my heart we will all feel his big, warm hands in ours as he continues to watch over us, with his kind and gentle eyes, from heaven. Knowing my brother, he will say, “I have a great view to do just that.”

Shauna Petersen
Salt Lake Tribune Public Forum Letter