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In Memoriam: Ed Mayne – by BlackGriffen

I was a bright high school student, and by the time I had reached my junior year I figured I was going places. I was a good student with decent grades, great test scores, and an Ok record in debate. In order to improve my chances to get into college, I figured going to one of the summer schools run by colleges was just the thing. One in particular caught my eye: this summer school at Georgetown run by the Junior Statesmen of America.

Attendance, of course, is not cheap. So much so that they include a Fundraising Packet with their other informational materials. Naturally, I applied for the scholarship and didn’t get it, so I had to turn to fundraising. Now, IRL I’m a rather shy person, so you can imagine that I’m not very good at asking people for money. I think I may have contacted a dozen people in all. One of my teachers had helped to identify philanthropic individuals in the community to contact, so I had better than zero odds, but none of the people we had brainstormed about I gave any money nor much of a response. At some later point, I figured, “What the Hell, I’ll try a couple of politicians. They should be able to see the value in sending someone to a school like that.” So, I contacted two State Senators. The result was the only donations I got for my efforts: two from Ed Mayne (one from him, personally, and one from the AFL-CIO) and one from Millie Peterson. It is worth noting that I was not one of Ed Mayne’s constituents.

In the end I did get to go, thanks to the generosity of these two and of my parents. (full blog post)

Ed's AFL-CIO office

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  1. J.B. Shandrew Says:
    November 30th, 2007 at 9:29 am

    Farewell good friend.

    In 1999 I first got to know Senator Mayne, when I called him with a concern about the lack of UTA bus service to the west side of Salt Lake County. I looked on the Utah Senate website to see who was on the Senate Transportation Committee. Senator Mayne’s name is whom I choose to call. I did not know at that time that I indeed lived in his district. In fact he never asked where I lived, but listened intently to my concerns, and my proposed solutions.

    Over the next several years, Senator Ed Mayne invited me onto to Senate Floor during sessions, took me to lunch, and spent countless hours talking with me about many, many subjects that were important to me.

    When I married my Wife on May 11, 2002, Senator Mayne and Karen attended our wedding. Senator Mayne continued to answer personal questions that I had about ballot issues, even after I moved out of his district. He always introduced me as his friend to every one that he introduced me to, I had considered him a friend of mine, but was humbled to have him call me friend.

    I feel the pains of sorrow because of the loss. I am glad that I had strong friendship with Sir, Senator Ed Mayne for the period to time that I did-the better part of eight (8) years.